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Daytime Nanny

The Daytime Wedding Nanny offers childcare from the moment you start getting ready until the very end of the night. This is for a minimum of 6 hours and is perfect for anyone in the wedding party that will be attending the wedding all day and needs that extra helping hands, including getting the children dressed and ceremony-ready in the morning. Meal times can supervised and nap times taken care of. 

Evening Nanny

The Evening Wedding Nanny offers childcare at the venue of the wedding or at home, taking care of the bedtime routine so parents and guests can continue to celebrate late into the night. 

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Overnight Nanny

The Overnight Wedding Nanny takes care of the children's bedtime routine, overnight care along with breakfast the following morning, until your desired time. This is perfect for parents who are wanting to celebrate into the night, stay at the venue or just doesn't want the early wake up call. 


The Wedding Nanny

I aim to provide and safe and friendly face for your children on your most special day. I will work with you to achieve your desired itinerary to make your day that little bit easier for both children and parents. Whether it be entertaining them for the morning, all day childcare through to the evening or sleeping over. By hiring the Wedding Nanny, you and your guests can have peace of mind that all the children's needs are met and they are happy and comfortable throughout the day.

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